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The very first male OC I ever created wore something that I can only describe as a poncho
I’ve come full circle.

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Oh my fucking gosh
I just found the very first digital comic series I EVER made
all of it
I am going to die


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{New Page!}

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Hi. So, I'm the author of Soul to Call, and I noticed you put my banner on your links page. First of all, I've been following dream*scar since at least 2011, and I really admired you as a webcomic artist. I must admit that one of my webcomic goals was to one day have you notice my comic. So yeah. I've been bouncing since you left that comment on page 56. I AM JUST REALLY FREAKING EXCITED. SO HAPPY YOU'RE ENJOYING SOUL TO CALL. THANK YOU FOR THE NICE THINGS YOU PUT IN THE FLAVOUR TEXT. THANK YOU!



FOR REAL THO I WISH YOU’D SPOKEN UP ABOUT IT IN MY COMMENTS SECTION [yes i recognized you lmao] cos ffff it’s so guuuud and I could have been reading it much sooner ahfgsdhfs 

[people, you should check it out.]

I don’t know what else to say just, thank you so much!


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I guess if given the chance to explore all the genres, what would all their favourite kind of tunes be

Aw ye music asks, my favourite

Avril’d be a fan of punk rock, rap, and house. Stuff like Rise Against, Kanye West, and Daft Punk. She’d love listening to tunes while practicing parkour. Pop in those headphones and sink into her own little world of music and gravity.

Eli’s tastes would vary so much. He’d be a “I listen to what I like” kind of person, never sticking to particular band or genre. I do see him fond of acoustic, alternative rock, chillout and by extension, some electronica. There’s probably a good bit of Coldplay and Owl City on his iPod. Not to mention a lot of indie stuff.

James likes himself some rock. Hard rock mainly. I’ve always seen his favourite song being “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult.

Tifffany would like R&B, good old Pop, C-pop, and anime themes. Probably a few nostalgic boyband songs in her collection too. Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce would be main players of her collections, and she’s not embarrassed to admit it.

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For the character ask: how they all sleep

Haha you say that as if any of them sleep at all
"I’ll sleep when I’m dead" that can be arranged

Avril sleeps on her stomach when possible, usually kicking off her blankets in the process because she’s restless. Doesn’t much care for blankets in fact, prefers to sleep wearing her blanket, aka a thick hoodie. No routine to sleep, just have a drink and collapse somewhere safe-ish when you get tired enough. She sleeps most when freight hopping, can stay on the move while asleep, aw yeah.

When Eli sleeps, which is rare, he sleeps all curled up on his side. Wrapped up in blankets like a cocoon. Protecting himself. His sleep ritual usually includes reading, praying, actively avoiding sleep, or doing some other activity until his eyes refuse to stay open no matter what he tries
Eli doesn’t like sleeping.

Does James sleep? Sometimes it doesn’t seem so. Sure, he’s been caught napping with one eye open, but actual 100% sleep? HMMM. James sleeps like a plank when given the chance. Barely moves as he sleeps. Otherwise, you can usually find him sitting in the corner with a bowed head that lifts when you approach.

Tiffany lays on her side, hugging her blanket as she sleep… blanket or lover, it depends what happened before she went to sleep.
It’s probably better if we let her keep her falling asleep ritual private.

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*vibrates as she thinks about James intro pages in the near-ish future*

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Carnival games for the StC cast?

Naturally, Avril leaves everyone else in the dust climbing the rope ladder. She’s probably pretty good at whack-a-mole too.

Eli wins the “guess my age” game because he looks like a freaking little bab boy despite being in his late teens.

James can bury his kids in prizes by winning in the shooting gallery over and over and over until they refuse him another game.

Tiffany wins at the… kissing booth…
of course you do Tiffany.

Eve wins at darts

Marcus wins at the test your strength game

Sia wins at the milk bottle toss

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