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Okay, I'm curious about Eli's cooking skills: Can he only make certain dishes? Does he have favourites/preferences? (e.g.: is he better at/enjoy doing desserts than dinners or...?) Are there certain dishes he just can't make, because they're too difficult or...? Or is he like a wizard with cooking and can make anything you wish for? Also, is he more likely to strictly follow a recipe or add his own personal touch/improvise or both?? (whoops a lot of questions, sorry)

In canon, Eli’s not necessarily good at particular dishes or a master of certain recipes, but what he IS good at is making something tasty out of almost ANYTHING edible.
He’s learned to work within the limits of rations, scavenged food, and foraging.
He knows how to improvise, mix things up, and season things to get the best possible flavors, even when what he has access to is very limited. He often comes off as a miracle worker to people who have never experienced his food.
Give him two cans of chili, a bag of nuts, and a pan, and he comes back with this casserole-like dish, seasoned in herbs he found.
There’s also rumors he’s made raccoon stew. (is that cannibalism? People keep calling him a raccoon because his eyes)

He’s never gotten the chance to bake before, so much to his dismay he can’t make baked goods yet. He’d slide very easily into modern cooking, and given the chance, I think he would pick up baking very fast too.

That being said, I know in modern day AUs he’s great at baking, as well as cooking, so yeah.
In a more modern setting, I think he would prefer making desserts over dinners, his favourite thing forever being cookies. Quick, easy, and delicious! And you can make them look like anything.
But he isn’t a wizard, he can’t make EVERYTHING. I see him being very bad at frozen treats. Snow cones, homemade ice cream, popsicles.
And I think he’d have a hard time cooking rabbit or lobster because of his personality.
As for how he follows recipes… he’ll follow them closely enough the first couple times, but enjoys adding his own touches to all his dishes. Often he invents a whole new recipe based on one he’s read.

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Luthe has never at any point in his life worn shoes.

New shoes are pretty much the best gift you could give Avril. But only, like, hiking boots or running shoes, not heels or ballet flats.
It’s post-apocalypse, new shoes are hard to come by for a poor courier.

OC thing: Teresa wants to own a shop when she gets graduated and has been on the hunt for a good old-timey money holder thing that she can fix up and use


If things had been different, Eli would have loved to open his own little restaurant or cafe when he grows up. He’s honestly a really good cook.

…Now I have these images in my head of Eli being on Hell’s Kitchen, and he’s this shy ball of nerves that nobody expects to do well.
But he actually does amazing, even under pressure, and Gordon Ramsay compliments him and his dishes.
Harsh Ramsay voice, “THIS IS—”
Eli visibly shuddering and wide eyed
"—the best cherry pie I have ever tasted.”

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at this point what don't you know lbr


Avril got into a lot of fights in school
a lot

Oc thing: My character Crimson Dödsfall was brutally assaulted and left for dead at the age of 5. He was left mentally and physically scared :D


People have been trying to kill Eli since he was around 5
Lucky for us they have yet to succeed.

Lave loves animals but hates insects with a passion.

Must suck living in a rundown apartment then, since I imagine bugs might be a problem now and then.. GET ‘EM LAVE, start an extermination business!

James CANNOT STAND bats.

I have this one OC named Ryoji, and he likes to run around in a rainbow speedo sometimes.

James doesn’t sing in the shower, HE PREFORMS.

▷ tell me a thing about your OC and I’ll tell you a related one about mine

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{New Page!}

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aayemae said: Clocktower(if i’m remembering the name right)?

Ding ding ding!